LebNet membership is open to individuals meeting these 3 criteria:

Origin: All individuals have to be of Lebanese descent.
Profession: Individuals have to be working in the high technology sector and related ecosystem.
Location: Individuals have to be resident of the US or Canada (submitting a valid address is mandatory)

Each LebNeter is a valuable and unique asset for fellow LebNeters across our network.
Our community is what makes us who we are and together, we strive to spark success and encourage professional growth for all our members. We are always working to grow and enhance our members’ experience.

Member Benefits:

  1. Membership is FREE
  2. Priority access to all events by being the first to be notified through our mailing list
  3. Private Access to our Message Board where you can post messages to the member community, promote your business/personal profile, find job and internship opportunities, post your resume, post jobs/internships, and attract talent
  4. Private Access to Members Directory: perform keyword searches by name or industry
  5. Exposure to talent, funding and mentoring when you feature your organization in our Startup Directory. Please send your logo and brief description of your business to admin@lebnet.us
  6. Access to our unique mentorship program
  7. Opportunity to participate as speaker, panelist, competition judge, in our LebNet events and/or our partners event in the US and in Lebanon
  8. Invitation and access to all Mentoring Events, when you join our prestigious Mentors Pool. Apply here

The Pillars of Being a LebNeter

1. Have an attitude of helpfulness and solidarity.

2. Be a team player by being accessible and responsive when a fellow LebNeter reaches out for mentoring or resources.

3. Keep your online profile updated to accurately reflect your information in searches.

4. Attend at least two LebNet events per year – your presence matters!

Privacy & Usage Policy (simply stated):

  • We will never, under any circumstances, intentionally publish, sell, trade, or give away your name, email address, or any information you provide us.
  • By registering on this site, you agree that you will not, under any circumstances, use any elist to send advertising or solicitation materials. Full privacy policy can be found here.