Board Member

Habib Kairouz is a Managing Partner of Rho Capital Partners, Inc. (, a private equity firm with approximately $1.5 billion under management and offices in New York, Palo Alto and Montreal. Rho’s business units span various classes of private equity investments, including venture capital in early stage and growth equity technology and healthcare companies (Rho Ventures and Rho Canada), buyouts in the technology sector (Rho Acceleration) and fund investments in all classes of venture capital and private equity funds (Rho Fund Investors).

Prior to joining Rho in 1993, Habib worked for five years in investment banking and leveraged buyouts with Reich & Co. and Jesup & Lamont.

Habib received a B.S. in Engineering and a B.A. in Economics from Cornell University and an M.B.A. in Finance from Columbia University.

Habib is also involved in a number of non-profit organizations, mostly focused on either the field of venture capital or targeting reforms and economic assistance for Lebanon.