February 6, 2013

11 Semi Finalist of MIT Start-Up Competition

11 Semi Finalist of MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Region Start-Up Competition Announced

5 Feb, 2013

MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Region Start-Up Competition for the Start-up Track has announced 11 of the semi finalist, and they are:

1- “Famissima” is a free online platform built around a social network of 2.0 parents specially designed to simplify family life by managing their daily activities.  A simpler more productive life for parents is what Famissima hopes to achieve once it’s launched.

2- “Markoub” is a location-based social network of collaborative transportation. In addition to carpooling and alternative package/parcel delivery, Markoub users can create and organize private or public events and invite the members of the community to join them. Users can also make ride sharing groups, by theme  or by organization and organize private events within these groups.

3-  ”Madfou3atCom” is a personal billing platform that  provides a centralized electronic bill presentation and payment (EBPP) service. Launched to the Jordanian market as a first step, it connects banks with billers (mobile, electricity and water service providers, among others) to facilitate online real-time secure bill inquiry and payment services through banks’ existing electronic channels.

4- “Integreight” is asmart breadboard is a multifunctional prototyping device for electrical and electronic circuits; it eliminates the usage of wires used to connect the components of a circuit on a breadboard.  Integreight’s patented solution is a hybrid between software and hardware where users can do all the wiring virtually through software simulation saving students valuable time.

5- “Taqetna” is specialized in developing small to medium scaled wind/solar solutions which it manufactures locally in its research and development center in addition to providing training and consulting services in the field of renewable energy.

6- “Touching Care” is an application that aims at supporting the caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients by providing comprehensive information, tools and resources and most importantly social and emotional support. The applications key features include medication reminders and memory enhancement tools.

7-“Dancing Pillow” is an electronic device designed for those with hearing difficulties. The portable and light weight device which can be placed inside of pillows alerts users of their surroundings through the use of a Smartphone application.  The Dancing Pillow is especially useful in emergency situations such a fire, theft or when a baby is crying and it alerts people through vibration, light and smell.

8- “Nobel Chemist” provides safe and innovative products for water disinfection and limit chlorine usage as very harmful disinfectant  and stop chlorine threats on environment and publc health by disinfecting drinking water, swimming pools, waste water and marshes which cause epidemic diseases.

9- Darebni TV” is an online training platform that provides vocational and workplace readiness training in the Arabic Language for customers across the Middle East. It currently offers trainings in the fields of software applciation andgraphic designs.

10- “GuideME” is an electronic embedded pair of shoes that can be integrated with a smart phone application designed exclusively for the visually impaired. GuideME eases the navigation of blind people by guiding them through difficult environments such as stairs and crowded streets by detecting obstacles for them and immediately notifying users when they are near an obstacle via sound.

11-Shared: Mohamed Watfa a computer science professor and his team are on a mission to revolutionize the classrooms of today through the use of a patented technology that shares a single laptop between as many students as possible.