December 16, 2017

Bay Area Annual Cross Tech Dinner: The Power of Science, Dec. 13th, 2017

On Dec. 13th, we held our annual cross tech dinner event, to celebrate 2017 and showcase how Biotechnology can be used to advance progress in many different fields and various areas of our lives.

Morever, it was the first LebNet event ever to feature an all women panel of distinguished, talented individuals from various career stages.

Panel members, Pamela and Farah guided the audience into an open conversation that touched on all aspects of drug development, trials, the role of AI and IoT on the advancement of drug development, the phases from discovery to commercialization, the role of the FDA, the international harmonization of drug approvals.

We also touched on what role Lebanon can play despite difficulties in funding. Lebanon has an excellent and well recognized pool of doctors which make it an influential regional player in Biotech.


Overall, the ambiance was lively and the audience was very engaged as always! Audience/attendees was diverse, ranging from veteran members, new members, seasoned professionals and college students.



Thank you to our incredibly talented speakers and to all who attended and made this event a great success! Until 2018!