Medtech, SportsTech, Mezza, and Arak! That’s a LebNet wrap on 2016!

On Monday Dec. 12th, we held our end of year “MedTech Meets SportsTech” event at Tannourine Restaurant and it was beyond our expectations. The fascinating topic of MedTech + SportsTech along with our captivating speakers drew a large and diverse crowd ranging from the medical community, young professionals in the IoT space, entrepreneurs, to students and our community of regular attendees.

Samer Moussa (Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist at LIM Innovations) shared rising statistics of the number of amputees and our need to address their needs. He walked us through the history and current new technologies in the field of prosthesis.

Ranjit Steiner (Bronze-winning Paralympian) gave us a vivid testimony of his personal experience as an amputee and his commitment to sciences through his involvement with LIM. His optimism and energy were contagious as he shared his vision to make prosthesis advances available to underprivileged communities and developing countries.

Mounir Zok  (Director of Technology and Innovation at the US Olympic Team) underlined the importance of 1% difference needed to achieve a competitive edge to win an Olympics medal. He showcased the technology used by industrial partners to train US Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

It’s no wonder audience engagement was at an all time high!

Thank you to all our speakers, organizers, and to all who made this another successful sold out LebNet event.