March 17, 2016

Dr. Magid Abraham Receives Advertising Research Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Magid Abraham Receives Advertising Research Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement AwardcomScore chairman and co-founder honored for significant contributions to the industry

RESTON, Va.March 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Today, at The Advertising Research Foundation’s (The ARF) Re:Think 2016 conference, comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) chairman and co-founder, Dr. Magid Abraham, received the Lifetime Achievement Award as part of ARF’s Great Mind Awards series. This award recognizes individuals who have made significant and fundamental contributions to the research industry.

Magid Abraham has brought an entrepreneurial mindset to creatively improve measurement systems for over three decades,” statedGayle Fuguitt, CEO and President, The Advertising Research Foundation. “His work is distinguished not only by his willingness to take risks and experiment, but by an acute discipline to science and rigorous methodological approaches. He has personally stood for a better understanding of How Advertising Works. I join so many who have personally benefitted from his solutions over the course of our careers.”

“I am both honored and humbled to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from The ARF,” said Dr. Magid Abraham, chairman and co-founder of comScore. “I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from great mentors and work alongside so many bright individuals over the years as we’ve tried to push the boundaries of innovation and develop new techniques to advance our industry. I am also incredibly grateful – to America which, more than any country on earth, welcomes talent and embraces merit and hard work.”

For more than three decades, Dr. Abraham has moved the marketing research and advertising industries forward through the leading companies that he’s founded. From the scanner data revolution in the eighties through the digital media revolution in the last 20 years, his innovative product developments and groundbreaking research in the field of marketing and advertising analytics have repeatedly raised the bar for the industry on measurement standards. As co-founder, former CEO and current executive chairman of comScore, Dr. Abraham has built the premier digital media research company while helping the industry address major issues such as the measurement of digital audiences, cross-platform behavior, ad viewability and digital advertising effectiveness.

In approaching these massive industry challenges, he has (1) been the driving force behind a number of products and methodologies that have revolutionized audience and advertising measurement, (2) developed some of the seminal industry research that led to his receiving a number of prestigious awards, and (3) provided instrumental leadership at two of the top 10 market research companies in the world.

Industry Influencers on Magid’s Leadership

“I have had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Magid for the better part of a quarter century building very successful market research companies, first at IRI and now at comScore. It’s been an inspiring relationship, I never cease to be amazed by his ability to conjure up new databases and analytical applications, many of which have become standard offerings and/or methodologies in the practice of market research. Magid is a true ‘engine of innovation’ who has contributed mightily to the growth and development of our profession.” – Gian Fulgoni, chairman emeritus and co-founder, comScore

Magid Abraham is an inspiring leader and true measurement visionary. I’ve been fortunate to work in a variety of roles at comScore for more than 15 years and have had the pleasure of seeing Magid in action every day. Early in my tenure he became my mentor and impressed upon me the importance of hard work and tenacity. He has worked tirelessly to develop innovative methods and products which have helped define how the digital world is measured. His foresight in understanding the transformative impact that digital technologies would have on the world of advertising led him to co-found comScore and his continual embrace of change and drive to improve have be key to maintaining its industry leadership. Few people have had such an impact on our industry in their lifetime; it’s been an honor to work alongside Magid.”  – Serge Matta, CEO, comScore

Magid Abraham is an inspiring innovator in our industry with an intellect that is at a far higher level than most of us. He has moved our industry forward by merging big data analytics with original measurement in order to fill knowledge gaps and drive digital commerce. As a result, comScore is the standard in digital platform measurement. Few people can do what he does so well in terms of breaking down complex challenges in simple, logical ways in order to overcome them. I personally thank Magid for meeting the challenge and providing the leadership necessary to create Project Blueprint with ESPN. This project represented ground-breaking innovation and accelerated the industry forward from a standstill in cross-platform measurement. This was a massive challenge that few others could have conquered.” – Artie Bulgrin, SVP Global Research & Analytics, ESPN, Inc.

“Magid is an exceptional thinker and leader, who continues to inspire everyone around him to greater understanding and accomplishment. I will always remember the first time I met Magid in the relatively early days of media measurement.  He came to explain the general challenges of measurement, and we had a spirited and enlightening conversation. Unlike most other industry leaders, Magid had a deep, personal, granular understanding of the data, the commerce of media, metrics and analytics. He also had (and continues to have) a clear, practical, no-nonsense communication style that stripped away confusion. He uniquely masters both the technical and commercial aspects of this complex field and remains at the forefront of influence and innovation.” – Joan Lewis, Strategic Consultant and comScore Board Member

Magid Abraham is one of the brightest minds in market research.  He has been an incredible mentor and continues to challenge everyone around him to attack problems with fresh eyes, fight your own predispositions, and let actual evidence lead you forward.”Cameron Meierhoefer, COO, comScore

“Magid is not only an amazingly smart and good mathematical modeler and programmer, but he also could understand and communicate with Marketing and other Managers clearly in their language with an unusual empathy. Excellent modelers with excellent communication skills are very rare. He also is a very good strategic thinker and was an excellent senior executive for both MDS and IRI. Most importantly, he is a good person and I still count him as a close friend.” – Len Lodish, Samuel R. Harrell Emeritus Professor, Leader and Co-founder, Global Consulting Practicum and Emeritus Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School,University of Pennsylvania

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