We caught up with Joey Zeenny, Co-Founder/CEO of Jellyfish in Beirut, right after he attended The LebNet Ignite Program (Powered by Blackbox Connect) in Silicon Valley. Despite his jetlag, Joey spoke to us about his experience with the program, the LebNet mentors he connected with, and the key takeaways that impacted his business. We’re proud to support Joey and the Jellyfish team!

LebNet: How did you find the overall format of the 3 events organized by LebNet during your 2 week immersion? Please let us know if the time, the place and the person assigned to each event was appropriate.
Joey: The people that I met were very valuable in providing feedback and guidance on the value proposition, business model, and strategy. The brainstorming dinner venue was very suitable for round-table discussions, as for the other two, they were kind enough to visit me at Fact0ry which was extremely convenient as time was too short for me to head out and meet them somewhere else. During the “Breakfast” and “The Walk” with mentors, we decided to have a seated meeting instead, which was helpful in order to discuss the actual product and business plan.

LebNet: Can you describe one take-away from each of these 3 events: Validation, Challenge, Improvement etc.?
Joey: We were in the middle of a value proposition (and strategy) re-evaluation: the talk with Nora [Denzel] as well as the brainstorming dinner were instrumental in us moving away from a vertical (budgeting and expense-tracking for non-profits) to a wider audience (budget management for project teams).

LebNet: What are your plans going forward, based on these 3 events, and how do you envision LebNet assistance in the near future?
Joey: We just launched a new revamped website based on the takeaways from this experience. I’d love to stay in touch with all LebNet members that I met with for follow-up on their area of expertise (product strategy, financial model, strategy, etc.) and mainly for the connections in Silicon Valley once we’re ready to re-launch in the Bay Area.

LebNet: Can you sum up your experience in one quote?
Joey: The amazing people that we met helped us expand our horizon with insight straight from the heart of the global startup community.