LebNet is proud to announce the completion of the second edition of its Ignite program powered by Blackbox Connect.

Two Lebanese startups have been selected to participate in this program, Rational Pixels and N.A.R.

Graduating from the Speed Accelerator in Lebanon. We designed this unique Silicon Valley program to benefit startups, like N.A.R and Rational Pixels, by immersing them into the most efficient entrepreneurial environment in the world. Lebnet Ignite is powered by BlackBox Connect and offers value-add services that are tailored to each startup’s vision, business needs and plan for long-term growth. Lebnet is able to offer these customized services because of its vast network of successful hi-tech members and does its best to match the startups with the best and most relevant people.

We would like to thank our special mentors who helped make this a successful unforgettable experience: George Akiki, Elie Antoun, Elie Habib, Cyrille Habis, Abdo Kadifa, Najib Khoury Haddad, Fares Mubarak, , Naji Salloum, Eddy Tabet, Pierre Tager, Mazen Skaff

“Silicon Valley immersion is vital for startups and I was lucky enough to have this opportunity through the LebNet Ignite Program.” Charlie EL-Khoury – NAR

“Attending the LebNet Ignite Program Powered by Blackbox Connect gave us a genuine and real feeling of the possible and of what can be achieved. Thinking big is a virtue.” Rida Sadek – Rational Pixels