March 28, 2013

IDAL – Investor Newsline – March 2013



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In an era where globalisation has become the norm , Investment Promotion Agencies as well as investors are facing new challenges including fierce competition. Therefore it has become crucial for IDAL to make available to investors a platform that will help them face those challenges and support them in launching their new businesses and expanding them. It is with this rationale in mind that IDAL has recently launched its new website which will hold all the necessary information to help investors in their decision to open a business in Lebanon.

The improved website, has been sent to the “Global Investment Promotion Best Practices” (GIPBP), a World Bank Group institution,for an early assessment . Following the review, the new site received in its testing phase an average score of 83/100, exceeding the regional average of 65/100.

Launching this new website is but one out of a series of initiatives that IDAL is spearheading for improving investor servicing.


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Nabil Itani

Chairman-General Manager


This month, the One-Stop-Shop Directorate received four inquiries for new potential investments, all of which are eligible for incentives granted by Investment Law No. 360. Following a very recent trend, investments from Syria have been on the rise. In fact, many Syrian industries that were affected by the ongoing upheaval in the country have chosen to relocate in Lebanon. Due to its proximity to the Syrian border, and the availability of affordable land plots, the Bekaa remains the most appealing province for Syrian investors.


  • We were approached to facilitate for a project that focuses on the production of various forms of candy. In case it goes through, the factory will be located in the Bekaa. The plant’s total cost is expected to range from USD 3 to 10 million.
  • A project aiming to produce processed chicken meat for export purposes is considering Lebanon as its re-location destination. The factory will be built at a cost of USD 2 million, including equipment and machinery.
  • A project to be located in the town of Bar Elias in the Bekaa is interested to re-locate to Lebanon to produce all kinds of canned foods, depending on local farmers’ seasonal agricultural produces.

Information Technology:

  • A Turkish company is looking to expand in Lebanon, where it hopes to develop dedicated software for digital kiosks. Investment in local ICT startups will also be part of its market goals.

A new website has been developed to meet the current needs of investors and business owners in having access to reliable and credible economic information and market intelligence on Lebanon’s business environment.




New Website




















The homepage focuses on key areas, important to investors during their decision-making process such as comparative statistics, an animated investment map to highlight opportunities and economic indicators in specific sectors and regions, a one-click access to Lebanon’s economic sectors and one-click access to relevant legal and administrative information to set-up a business in Lebanon. On the bottom right of the homepage there is an option to ask questions directly to our team  through phone, e mail, fax or real time text and to follow our news using the most common social media channels.


About us

This section outlines IDAL’s mandate, services and organizational structure as well as statistics on the investment projects that have benefited from our services and incentives.


Lebanon at a Glance:

IDAL focuses exclusively on Lebanon’s economic, legal, social and general business environment. This section highlights Lebanon’s economic indicators and drivers, including foreign trade performance and economic policies. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) section analyses inflows and Lebanon’s rankings globally and regionally, describing the distribution of FDI . The “Why Lebanon” sub-section brings into focus statistical information highlighting why Lebanon is a viable business destination with a sound banking and financial ecosystem, its highly skilled labor force, and its competitive commercial tradition and quality of life.


Doing Business:

Once deciding to invest in Lebanon, this section provides the next steps for setting up a business. We provide all the necessary information, from choosing the type of company, registering the business, getting work and residency permits, and details on employment and social security and the tax and legal system. This section also assists investors in developing a financial plan taking into account utility, labor and property costs as well as the financial institutions that offer a range of incentives and financial facilities such as loans, funding schemes, and incubation.


Sectors in Focus:

This section brings into focus the 8 priority sectors which proved the most promising in terms of their readiness and potential for development: Industry, Agriculture, Agro-Industry, Tourism, Information Technology, Technology, Telecommunication, and Media. The section provides an overview, with further information such as competitive strengths, investment opportunities, regulatory framework, investments in the sector, and incentives granted being available through the downloadable factbook.


Information Centre:

This section archives all of IDAL’s news, events, publications and frequently asked questions. This is particularly useful for media access to press releases and images, which are updated regularly.



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Ukrainian Delegation in Beirut

Ukranian DelegationA Ukrainian delegation interested in exporting agricultural products visited Lebanon for an exploratory visit by invitation from the Ministry of Agriculture and in coordination with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Beirut. IDAL organised the field visits for the delegation which included a tour of the leading packaging houses in the South and the Bekaa.







Arabnet 2013For the second year, IDAL participated at the ArabNet conference in Beirut on 21-22 March, the leading platform for the digital and creative industries in the region. The conference which was attended by over 200 participants gave young entrepreneurs and investors the chance to network and foster partnerships. The event gave us the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and introduce them to our business support services.

The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL) is the national investment promotion agency of Lebanon. 
Established in 1994, IDAL aims at promoting Lebanon as key investment destination and attracting, facilitating and retaining investments in Lebanon.
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