Thank you for your interest in becoming a LebNet member!

LebNet is a North America based non-profit organization launched in 1999 in Silicon Valley, California. We are a network of professionals of Lebanese Descent, working in the technology sector. Our membership includes C-level executives, investors, tech leaders and industry experts.  

Our mission is to empower the next generation of Lebanese tech professionals and students in the United States and Canada, facilitate networking and mentorship amongst our community members for career advancement and enrichment and finally, connect the Lebanese diaspora with their country of origin for opportunities to give back to the tech sector there.

When we started, most of the interactions within our members were done through casual dinner meetups and were heavily focused on the San Francisco Bay area. Over the last few years, we expanded our activities, beyond Silicon Valley, to reach Boston, NYC, Austin, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Montreal. We have also launched our LebNet Ignite program in 2014, a two-week acceleration program tailored at immersing Lebanese founders in the Silicon Valley culture.

Our membership offers several exclusive benefits such as priority access to all events; private access to our Message Board where members can communicate with each other, promote their businesses, find a job or talent and receive internship opportunities; private access to our Members Directory; opportunity to participate as a speaker, panelists or a competition judge in events in the US or with our partners in Lebanon and be part of our prestigious Mentors Pool

Since being a member is about giving back while learning from others at the same time, all of our members have an attitude of helpfulness and solidarity, they are collaborative, accessible and responsive when a fellow LebNeter reaches out. So next time another LebNet member calls, you’ll know what to do!

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!