What is “Lebnet Advise”

LebNet Advise is a mentorship program targeted at Lebanese Startups and high-tech professionals and leverages the commitment of our senior members to give back to our professional community.

Engagement benefits include:

  1. Advice and coaching on all aspects of the business plan: Markets, products, differentiation, sales & marketing, positioning, pricing, fund-raising, manufacturing, human capital, etc.
  2. Introduction to stakeholders who are critical for success: VCs, Angel investors, sales and distribution channels, strategic partners and customers, manufacturing partners, potential executives and key consultants, etc.
  3. Board representation.
  4. Advice on organizational structure, team leadership, expansion, training, retention, etc.
  5. Advice on best-in-class operational processes for faster time-to-market, lower cost and enhanced productivity.
  6. Provide access to coaches for various Company Executives.

Selection Process:

Candidate companies may apply directly, or may be referred by LebNet members or affiliates, or by partner organizations of LebNet, such as LFE or others.

Selection Criteria:

  1. High-Tech Company in a growing market.
  2. A market that is well understood by LebNet.
  3. Global (or significant regional) market reach.
  4. Business Model suited for expansion and growth.
  5. Profiles, experience of founders and Executive Team.
  6. Company’s Team commitment and aptitude to being coached.
  7. Openness of the company to seek and act on LebNet’s advice.

LebNet Advise Process:

Beneficiary companies are eligible for all services offered, but to various degrees of time and resource commitments.

  1. LebNet and Company CEO agree to a coaching plan; execution to plan is the responsibility of the CEO.
  2. Company will track progress to plan regularly, document LebNet interventions, and report to LebNet on a regular basis.

The initial engagement will last six months to a year and is open to renewal.


“Lebnet has been instrumental in connecting us with its own members, who happen to be seasoned technology executives with a far reaching network of contacts, prospective customers, partners and institutional investors. Lebnet has simplified access to these individuals and continues to offer a platform for events and meetings that inspire entrepreneurs to leverage the Lebnet resources.”   Tarek Fadel . Fadel Inc


Entrepreneurship Engagement: Roadie Tuner

LebNet mentors, Ramzi Haidamous and Anthony Nassar have been mentoring Hassane Slaibi, co-founder of Band Industries, since March 2014. This startup was identified by our partner LFE, who recommended we help them get to the next level. We are proud to announce that Band Industries was selected by our Silicon Valley partner TechWadi, as one of two startups to benefit from batch1 of the TechWadi Sprint Acceleration program.