February 23, 2017

LEBNET IGNITE #4 May 8-13, 2017

LebNet announcing fourth version of its
Ignite acceleration program, powered by the French Tech Hub.

Program Description

“LebNet Ignite Powered by French Tech Hub” is a 6 day- program designed to immerse Lebanese start-up founders in the Silicon Valley culture. It will give you a foundation of knowledge and access to the expertise you need to expand your vision and scale your company globally.
During the program, you will connect with and receive advice, feedback and perspectives on team composition, launched products, and business and growth strategies from venture capitalists, successful founders, and game-changing domain experts.

LebNet is providing differentiated advantages to each selected start-up, as follows:

  • Access to a local LebNet member facilitator for the duration of the program
  • Power session with a LebNet member to discuss future plans.
  • Coaching session(s) with select Lebanese-American executives
  • Strategy brainstorming session with relevant senior LebNet members in support of the Ignite program

Program fee
$12k per startup selected, for 2 co-founders.
This includes lodging, food, and local transportation from May 7-13 included. Does NOT include airline ticket.

Selection Criteria

  • The start-up should be in high-tech
  • The start-up should have launched and tested a product or service
  • The start-up should preferably have raised money and/or be generating revenues
  • The start-up should have global (or significant regional) market reach
  • The start-up should have the potential for fast growth
  • The founders should be open to feedback, and show commitment and aptitude to being coached
  • At least one founding member of the start-up must attend (English proficiency is needed)
  • Note: the start-up does not have to be incorporated in the US

Selected Startups for 2017:

For more information contact michelle@lebnet.us