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LebNet Bireme Award - Philanthropists of the Year


Neal El-Jor Taouk – Executive Director and Co-Founder at Jobs for LebanonA person with curly hair Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Neal El-Jor Taouk is a social entrepreneur leading the overall operations and global growth strategy for Jobs for Lebanon, which has reached over 15,000 candidates, close to 4000 jobs posted and over 1000 individuals connected to opportunities. She is driven by social impact and inspired by people with a heart for a cause. 


In addition to being the executive director, Neal also sits on the Board as Vice-President of Jobs for Lebanon. She has dedicated her career to turning Jobs for Lebanon into the go-to platform for every Lebanese talent looking for economic opportunities. Her mission, and that of the organization, is to empower Lebanese talent, everywhere. Their platform not only connects Lebanese candidates to employers in the diaspora and beyond, but also generates programs that equip talents with the tools they need to become career ready and as such, compete on the global job market. 

Prior to Jobs for Lebanon, Neal was part of the Bay Area tech scene, working for companies like Facebook, Nextdoor and a few other start-ups, enriching her leadership experience in operations, communications, and project management. Neal holds a Master’s degree in International Marketing from Hult International Business School and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the Lebanese American University. She is also a certified Master coach.

LebNet, a non-profit organization, serves as a multi-faceted platform for Lebanese professionals residing in the US and Canada, entrepreneurs, investors, business partners in a broad technology eco-system, and acts as a bridge to their counterparts in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East


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