June 19, 2015

Newsletter – March 2013

Letter from the President


Dear Lebneters:
Our once loosely held network of friends with common heritage and affinity for technology has come a
long way in the last two years. We’re now a 200+ members strong organization with regularly held
networking events, solid web presence, a periodical newsletter, and we’re registered as a
non-profit 501 (c) 3. More importantly, we now realize, more than ever before, how valuable our
collective knowledge and experience is to young Lebanese entrepreneurs who have a critical role to play in rebuilding the economy in Lebanon. Lebnet officers and board members have been working hard in the background to lay the foundation as well as to identify the proper partnerships and adequate initiatives we’d like to embark on. This is being achieved by stealing cycles from very busy people so bear with us as we proceed slowly but surely.
Partnership with Wamda, a MENA media platform for entrepreneurs whereby Lebnet members would be interviewed and featured on their platform
Collaboration with LIFE on their Lebanon ICT Initiative , soon to be launched. Lebnet will act as the Diaspora gateway and is represented by Fouad Tamer on the board of that Initiative.
Preparing an event in June to host Endeavor Lebanese entrepreneurs
Planning to hire an Executive Director for Lebnet
Structuring a project to build a database of the various skills our Lebnet members hold with their corresponding disposition to mentor others in their areas of expertise
We want to thank you all for making our events extremely successful: Dermandar (7/19/12),
Flurry (9/17/12), Dolby (12/3/12), & Prysm (3/7/13) and please continue to encourage your friends to join Lebnet !!!!

Yours truly,

George F. Akiki
LebNet, President



March 7, 2013  

Hosted at Prysm  by Dr. Roger Hajjar with guest  MEVP   (Middle East Venture Partners)  presenting  Anghami. 

Dr. Roger Hajjar, Founder and CTO of Prysm, treated the LebNet audience to an amazing evening of networking and technology.

Representatives from MEVP  introduced us to their fund and to their leading portfolio companies.

Our thanks and sincere appreciation to Roger and Prysm for graciously hosting and entertaining the large LebNet crowd.

Please click here to read more about this event and see the pictures.

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Job Postings  

1. Graduating student looking to join a private equity firm

2. Graduating student looking for a job in the Bay Area

3. Graduating student looking for a job in the Bay Area

4. Junior ME at UCLA seeking summer internship in Bay Area

Sneak Preview
LebNet is proud to announce a special event with Lebanon’s current Minister of Telecom, Nicolas Sehnaoui, taking place on Monday April 29th in San Francisco starting at 6pm.

Check the events details here and register early as seating is limited.