On Sunday, November 13th LebNet members and their families touched a planet and got slapped by whales! Each one of the 30+ participants at our second annual Tech in the Park got a chance to experience the wonders of Virtual Reality by trying the most cutting edge VR gear sets. Each attendee was transported into a world beyond their imagination and they had a blast, to say the least!

LebNet members, Sami Ramly (Product Manager at Wevr) and Hassan Karaouni (Advisor at RabbitHole VR) shared their enthusiasm and expertise in the VR industry and gave us the unique opportunity to delve into a universe of magic and the future of technology.

Here are just a few quotes from the participants at our event:

“It’s out of this world!” said Dana Salloum.

‘Wow, the whale wrecked the ship!” screamed Leila Rabbat (9 years old)

“VR is so immersive, so real and so fun!” said Rola Najm.

Don’t miss out on our next Tech in The Park Event as a fun, educational networking experience for our community along with your friends and families. In the meantime, stay tuned for our upcoming annual Cross Tech Dinner in December.