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LebNet Bireme Award - Philanthropists of the Year

Roy Baladi – Co-Founder, Jobs for Lebanon/Jobs for HumanityA person smiling for the camera Description automatically generated with medium confidence
CMO, Perkspot

Roy Baladi is President of the board of directors for Jobs for Lebanon, which is the largest global job center for Lebanon.  He is active in volunteer efforts for NGO and social impacting initiatives, particularly underrepresented talent.     


Baladi’s work on Jobs for Lebanon has grown into a bigger mission - Jobs for Humanity.  His focus is on providing a global movement of job creation for historically underrepresented talent: the blind, the neurodivergent, single moms, Black leaders, refugees, and returning citizens.  He also leads Perkspot’s marketing activities, which is a leading provider of corporate benefit and discount programs to over 15 million people. 

Prior to his Jobs for Lebanon, Jobs for Humanity, and Perkspot, he was the head of marketplace and communications at SmartRecruiters. 

Baladi has volunteered his time and expertise over the years to numerous initiatives, particularly as a Director/Donor for the NGO organization SEAL (Social and Economic Action for Lebanon).  His involvement ranged from digging for water wells to reforesting mountains with fruit trees.   

Baladi calls Baabdat, Lebanon home, lives in Lisbon, and spent the last two decades between San Francisco and New York in technology, diversity, and inclusion.

LebNet, a non-profit organization, serves as a multi-faceted platform for Lebanese professionals residing in the US and Canada, entrepreneurs, investors, business partners in a broad technology eco-system, and acts as a bridge to their counterparts in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East


205 De Anza Blvd., #315, San Mateo, CA 94402, USA. +1.650.539.3536

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