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LebNet Bireme Award - Technologist of the Year 


Shadi Dayeh – Professor at University of California San Diego A person with a beard and mustache Description automatically generated with low confidence
PI of the Integrated Electronics and Biointerfaces Lab

Shadi Dayeh was awarded $ 12.25 M grant from the National Institute of Health for his team’s ongoing research on epilepsy treatment.  His research has led to the incubation of multiple startups and is an inspiration for our students and entrepreneurs. 


Shadi Dayeh received his B.S. in Physics/Electronics from the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon in 2001, and PhD in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego in 2008. He did postdoctoral studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory and then joined the faculty of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC San Diego in November 2012 where he was promoted to Associate Professor in 2015 and to Professor in 2018. He directs the Integrated Electronics and Bio-interfaces Laboratory which concerns with human neurotechnology development and translation, and in the implementation of the high performing electronic material combinations, structures, and devices. 

During his Ph.D., Dayeh received many best paper awards for his graduate work on indium arsenide nanowires. At Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dayeh was appointed as a Director’s Fellow in 2008 and was promoted to a Distinguished Oppenheimer Fellow in 2010 where he co-led and mentored with Tom Picraux a group of a dozen postdocs whose work resulted in a scientific renaissance in the germanium/silicon nanowire material system and its applications. At Los Alamos, Dayeh received the Distinguished Postdoctoral Performance Award.

After joining UC San Diego, he received the NSF Early Career Award in 2014, the Jacobs School of Engineering Teacher of the Year Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2015, and ISCS Young Scientist Award in 2018 which acknowledges technical achievements in the field of compound semiconductors by a scientist younger than 40. In 2019, he received the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award. Work in his lab led recently to incubating two startups, Precision Neurotek Inc that develops neuromonitoring grids for use during neurosurgical resection in the brain and spinal cord, and FeelTheTouch LLC that develops high resolution shear sensors to close the loop in robotic gripping.

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