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LebNet 2016 Fundraising Campaign

  • 15 May 2016

Seeking your support for 

LebNet’s 2016 fundraising campaign

On behalf of LebNet, I would like to thank you for your continuous support and for your prior generous giving which was essential to the growth of our organization and to our achievements over the past 2 years.

Since the creation of LebNet, over 17 years ago, we’ve been striving to provide a strong networking platform to our members, Lebanese American technology professionals, with a focus on:

a) Subject-rich events

b) Mentoring engagements to nurture the next generation

c) Opportunities for “giving back” to entrepreneurs in Lebanon

In the last 2 years, we grew our membership by 20% annually to 435 members today and hired a great Executive Director, Michelle El-Khoury Tager, allowing us to execute better on every front. We’ve been averaging around 7 very well-attended major events per year, as well as a similar number of smaller, more focused events; signed up 60 mentors, many of whom are actively helping our next generation of technology executives and entrepreneurs; and launched LebNet Ignite, our powerful accelerator program for Lebanese entrepreneurs. We’re proud of the fact that LebNet is now viewed by the Lebanese ecosystem of technology entrepreneurs as the necessary gateway to the US. For more information, please view our LebNet backgrounder here.

We’re now gearing up to take this to the next level by kicking off our new fundraising campaign. I’m reaching out to you today to ask you to renew your support of LebNet. I’m very happy to report that we’ve secured half of our $150k goal from our board members. We’re relying on you to help us raise the rest.

We’re very excited about the next phase of our journey: expanding events to the East Coast, hiring a communications specialist, attracting more young members, and developing new programs such as CEO roundtables, summer internships, and a “sounding board” committee for budding entrepreneurs.

I’d like to remind you that your donation is tax deductible and can be made by either PayPal, credit card or check. I thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Please click here to donate and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Khaled Nasr

LebNet Fundraising Committee

LebNet, a non-profit organization, serves as a multi-faceted platform for Lebanese professionals residing in the US and Canada, entrepreneurs, investors, business partners in a broad technology eco-system, and acts as a bridge to their counterparts in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East


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