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  • 12 Apr 2024 8:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    LebNet New York proudly hosted its highly anticipated inaugural event of 2024, marking a joyful reunion of our vibrant community. On April 11, attendees were treated to an illuminating Fireside Chat and a heartfelt celebration honoring the esteemed recipients of LebNet’s Bireme Award for Entrepreneurs of the Year: Marc Atiyeh and Andrew Malek, the visionary co-founders of Pawp.

    Zeina Lamah skillfully navigated the conversation, delving deep into Marc and Andrew's entrepreneurial journey, imparting invaluable insights and lessons learned. Focused inquiries on risk-taking, sources of motivation, and dispelling startup stereotypes guided the discourse, ensuring an engaging exploration of their experiences.

    Generously hosted by Latham and Watkins, the evening not only served as a platform for knowledge-sharing but also fostered meaningful connections among the 60 attendees. The electric atmosphere and dynamic networking opportunities further enriched the event, leaving participants inspired and invigorated by the collective spirit of the LebNet community.

    Our heartfelt thanks go out to the LebNet NY community, friends, and the dedicated LebNet NY leadership team for orchestrating such a flawless event!

  • 31 Mar 2024 11:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The LebNet Boston community recently hosted a captivating panel discussion on the topic of 'Building AI-first Companies' at MIT on March 28th. Attendees were treated to an enriching evening as esteemed industry experts, including Rania Khalaf, Richard Rabbat, and Sami Shalabi, shared their invaluable insights drawn from their experience in leading AI ventures. Moderating the panel was Mitri Abou-Rizk, Director at Nvidia, who adeptly guided the discussion.

    The event covered a myriad of thought-provoking topics, such as the evolution of AI, strategies for startups to leverage AI amidst competition from tech giants, and the potential impacts of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) on computing culture. Ethical considerations and the role of government regulation were also explored.

    Attendees were deeply engaged throughout the discussion, with lively exchanges and networking opportunities abound. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with praise for the insightful panel and moderator, as well as appreciation for the chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts in the AI ecosystem.

    Overall, the event was a resounding success, leaving attendees eager for future gatherings and discussions on cutting-edge topics.  

    Special thanks are due to the LebNet Boston leadership team for organizing this successful event, for the Lebanese Club at MIT for hosting, and for E14 for sponsoring the event.

  • 18 Mar 2024 8:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On March 16th, LebNet proudly celebrated Youmna Chamcham as the recipient of the 5th Bireme Award for Philanthropist of the Year in LA/OC, an honor bestowed upon individuals who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to giving back to Lebanon. Youmna's remarkable contributions through her endeavors with Live Love Beirut exemplify the essence of a global citizen, enriching lives and spreading positivity worldwide. Her selfless dedication truly embodies the transformative power of giving from the heart. In recognition of Youmna’s contributions, a cedar tree was adopted and planted in her name in Lebanon, symbolizing her as a beacon of light whose impact on the world and enduring legacy will continue to grow and flourish.

    During the discussion, Youmna shared that despite Lebanon's challenging reality, her driving force behind Live Love Beirut was to preserve the beauty of her childhood memories and Lebanon’s essence, while also inspiring positive change. Transitioning to MiniStudio.AI, Youmna discussed her journey from traditional media and her evolution into a tech AI-powered company aimed at nurturing children’s imagination and fostering their enchantment. She highlighted the exciting advancements in AI, particularly its potential in enhancing children’s education.  Peering into the future, Youmna eagerly anticipates motherhood and expresses optimism and continued successful global impact through her work. Her dedication to philanthropy and innovation serves as an inspiration to all, offering hope for a better future for Lebanon and beyond.

    Sincere thanks to the LebNet LA/OC community for attending the event, to the LebNet LA/OC leadership team for organizing this successful gathering, and especially to USC for hosting. The LA/OC Lebnet leadership members are Samer Hijazi (leader), Nadine Traboulsi, Joelle Harika, Elie Harika, Nabil Kabbani, Kareem Dibs and Giovanni Zaarour.

  • 12 Mar 2024 8:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On March 8th, LebNet Pacific Northwest hosted an engaging event focused on Leadership, drawing attendees eager to explore the foundational principles and values of outstanding leadership. One standout aspect of the event was the diverse range of panelists, each bringing unique experience levels and backgrounds from various industries. Widad Mashmoushi, Jad Rizk, and Ali Shami shared their expertise, enriching the discussions with their valuable insights and perspectives. Moderator Peter Kairouz skillfully guided the conversation, ensuring a smooth flow of ideas and interaction among the participants.

    This diversity resonated well with the audience, composed of individual contributors, managers, and those aspiring to transition into leadership roles. The interactive nature of the audience added depth to the discussions, fostering an environment of shared learning and collaboration. Feedback from attendees highlighted the inclusivity of the event, particularly the ability to attract participants from varied age groups. Attendees expressed enthusiasm for future events of similar caliber, emphasizing the positive impact and potential for continued growth within the community.

    Overall, the Leadership event organized by LebNet Pacific Northwest was a resounding success, serving as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and inspiration for individuals at all stages of their professional journeys. Special thanks to panelists Widad Mashmoushi, Jad Rizk, and Ali Shami, as well as moderator Peter Kairouz, for their invaluable contributions to the event's success. 

    A sincere thank you is extended to the LebNet PNW community for their enthusiastic participation, and to the dedicated leadership team for orchestrating this remarkable gathering. Kudos to Omar Kahil, Hadi Kotaich (whose efforts facilitated the venue at MSFT!), Widad Machmouchi, and Jad Rizk of the PNW Lebnet team for their instrumental roles in making this event a resounding success.  See you all soon at our next event!

  • 08 Mar 2024 9:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    LebNet San Diego had the honor of hosting Professor Gabriel Rebeiz from the University of California San Diego for an unforgettable fireside chat and Bireme award recognition ceremony on March 7th.Attended by 50 members of the San Diego community, the event was a celebration of Professor Rebeiz's remarkable contributions to science and technology.

    With skillful moderation by Aziz Gholmieh and Diana Maamari, and lively engagement by the attendees, Professor Rebeiz delved into his impressive achievements, including the design of silicon RFICs for microwave and millimeter-wave systems, phased arrays for SATCOM and 5G, collision avoidance systems for automotive applications, active and passive imaging systems, RF MEMS, and tunable filters and antennas. He also shared his excitement for future endeavors, such as advancing automotive radars for Level 5 autonomous driving and contributing to non-terrestrial networks (NTN).

    Throughout the conversation, Professor Rebeiz expressed his pride in his family and highlighted his passion for teaching and training the next generation of engineers. When asked about Lebanese people, he commented " Lebanese people are passionate people with drive and ambition, and that translates into successful individuals." He further commented on the high quality of Lebanese education, highlighting its importance in nurturing talented individuals.

    George Akiki, president of LebNet, was in attendance and expressed gratitude for Professor Rebeiz's profound impact on the field. In recognition of his contributions, a cedar tree was adopted and planted in Professor Rebeiz's name in Lebanon, symbolizing his enduring legacy.

    Sincere thanks to the LebNet SD community for attending the event, to the LebNet SD leadership team for organizing this successful gathering, and especially to Prof. Shadi Dayeh for graciously hosting at UCSD. The San Diego Lebnet team members are Aziz Gholmieh, Fram Akiki, Diana Maamari, Cynthia Jereige Chammas, Jean Abou Rahal, Prof. Shadi Dayeh, Andrew Ghafari and Reem Masri.

    The evening was a testament to Professor Rebeiz's exceptional career and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of engineering innovation.  Our heartfelt gratitude to Professor Rebeiz for an inspiring and insightful evening.

  • 04 Mar 2024 8:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On March 4th, 19 members of the LebNet Toronto community gathered for a networking session and discussion on Gen AI. Attendees had the opportunity to mingle with Nada Farah, Jamil Mina, and Fadwa Mohanna, delving into the future of Gen AI and its implications across different industries. The relaxed format proved highly engaging, with attendees expressing enjoyment and eager anticipation for the next gathering. Stay tuned for our next event, where we'll be exploring the topic of digital identity!

  • 14 Feb 2024 5:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On February 8, LebNet DC hosted a captivating event attended by more than 40 individuals, featuring guest speaker Joseph Ghaleb Karam, Executive Vice President of ECODIT LLC and President of the American Friends of the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT). With skillful moderation by Maya Reslan and Noura Saad, and lively engagement by the attendees, Joseph shared his experience founding and leading ECODIT, an international company dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible development worldwide, and his life journey in conceptualizing, realizing and championing the LMT.

    Joseph passionately discussed how the Appalachian Trail inspired him to conceive and develop the idea of a national long-distance hiking trail through the mountains of Lebanon, how ECODIT established the LMT with funding support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and how ongoing efforts by the LMT Association in Lebanon and the American Friends of the LMT in the USA are protecting, maintaining, and promoting the LMT as a worldclass hiking destination. Joseph also discussed ECODIT’s current implementation of the USAID-funded DAWERR project, which aims to improve solid waste management in rural communities through intentional recycling and composting.

    Joseph’s profound love for Lebanon, its natural beauty, and rich culture deeply resonated with all attendees, as he expressed, “Although I left Lebanon in 1977, I never truly left… nor did it ever leave me!”

    Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your contagious love for Lebanon and your passion for sustainable development and the LMT. Many of us have now been inspired to add walking on the LMT, and perhaps doing a full thru hike of the 275-mile trail, to the top of our bucket lists!

  • 03 Feb 2024 9:46 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The event, attended by 50 participants, featured a distinguished panel and explored the transformative role of generative AI in industries. Discussions focused on the value AI brings in automating processes, ethical AI development, and collaborative strategies between technical and policy teams. Additionally, advice was shared on AI career advancement, talent recruitment, and staying updated with AI innovations.  Special gratitude to our esteemed panelists: Lama Ahmad, Jeffrey Akiki, Mohamed El-Geish, and Mark Saroufim, as well as our moderator, Nathalie Saade. We extend our thanks to Ballout Law for sponsoring the event, to Google for hosting us and commend the LebNet Bay Area team for their outstanding organization!

  • 16 Jan 2024 2:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The LebNet WiT Mentorship program commenced with an orientation session on 1/16 with the participation of 25 mentors and mentees.  Layal Rouhana, LebNet Women in Tech committee leader reviewed the groundrules of the program. The recording of the session is available here, and you can access the charts here: LebNet Women in Tech 1_1 SMART Mentorship- Orientation Session.pdf

    THANK YOU AGAIN to ALL the Mentors for donating their time and expertise and to the Mentees who are looking to get out of their comfort zone and grow their careers!  For any questions or support, please reach us at [email protected] 

  • 19 Dec 2023 9:46 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Forty individuals gathered in Long Beach to network and celebrate the year’s end. The ambience was delightful and it was truly gratifying to see so many familiar faces and meet new friends.  Everyone relished in engaging and meaningful conversations with fellow community members and had an enjoyable time.

    As we look ahead to 2024, the LebNet leadership team in LA/OC is excited about organizing more events that strengthen and bring the community together.

    Special thanks to Neofie for sponsoring this event and to the LA/OC leadership team for making it happen!

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