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AI in healthcare: opportunities, challenges & concern areas

16 May 2023 11:44 AM | Anonymous member

On May 11th, the LebNet Bay Area community partnered with TechWadi to host a panel discussion on the role of AI in healthcare. The panel featured Mona Flores, Global Head of Medical AI at NVIDIA Corporation, Abdul Hamid Halabi, founder and CEO at Clinlab.AI, and Abood Quraini, Technical Marketing Manager - Clara/Healthcare & Life Sciences AI at NVIDIA. The discussion was moderated by Jibran Jahshan, Vice President of Software at NVIDIA and LebNet Bay Area steering committee member. The panelists discussed various topics related to AI in healthcare, including its potential for aiding doctors and nurses in the operation rooms, the gaps, limitations, challenges, and more.

The panel discussion drew a diverse audience of over 60 individuals with varying backgrounds and experiences, including college students, postdoctoral researchers, professionals with 10-20 years of experience, and a mix of healthcare and engineering backgrounds encompassing physicians, clinicians, biologists, and engineers. Notably there was a significant representation of women in Tech among the attendees

The panel touched on the important topics of data sharing, patient privacy,  interdisciplinary collaboration and addressing bias in data for AI powered solutions to become trustworthy. Mona Flores highlighted the role of AI in prescribing the right treatment for cancer patients, avoiding assumptions, and taking into consideration race and ethnicity. Abdul Hamid Halabi discussed the important role physicists play in the early detection phase and the opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop cost-effective solutions for doctors to access more data about a person's health and predisposition to diseases. Abood Quraini talked about the role of AI-enabled robots in minimally invasive surgeries, which could potentially reduce the number of incisions required during surgery. You can catch the entire discussion here but please be advised that the audio quality is not great and you may want to turn on the closed captions at the bottom of the video on the right (cc). The panel concluded with a Q&A session and more informal conversations and networking.

The LebNet Bay Area community expresses its gratitude to the panelists for their contributions to the panel and to the participants for their engagement. We would also like to extend our special thanks to the White and Case LLC team for their generous support in hosting our event at their exquisite venue.  If you are interested in joining this vibrant community, please subscribe to stay updated about upcoming events and initiatives.

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