January 21, 2018: Dinner with AUB Dean of Architecture and Engineering Faculty – Palo Alto, CA
March 9, 2018: Demo Day for LebNet Ignite #6 powered by Blackbox – SF, CA
April 5, 2018:  Trending Topic Series, Decoding Blockchain & Cryptocurrency – Ripple SF, CA
April 12, 2018: LebNet Launch Event, Los Angeles, CA
April 27, 2018: How to build a successful startup, San Diego, CA
May 3, 2018 : LebNet Spring meeting – Boston, MA
May 24, 2018: LebNet Launch Event, Austin,TX
May 30, 2018: Trending Topic Series, Decoding Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, NYC, NY
August 25, 2018: LebNet Ignite#7 powered by Blackbox Demo Day –SF
September TBD, 2018 :  LebNet Tech in the park,  – Sunnyvale, CA
December TBD, 2018: LebNet in NY – Holiday Happy Hour, NYC, NY
December TBD , 2018: LebNet in Boston – Holiday Dinner Party, Boston, MA
December TBD, 2018: Cross tech Bay Area Holiday dinner, TBD – San Mateo, CA

Stay tuned for More Annual Events Coming Your Way:

  • Industry Specific Panel Events for all interests
  • Power Networking Events with an unprecedented lineup of Distinguished Profile Speakers
  • Exclusive Fireside Chat
  • Outdoor Tech Events for all inclusive community building
  • Cross Tech Dinners
  • Mentoring Events with an Expanded Mentoring Pool

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